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Step #3 - Print Petition

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We are about FREEDOM!

We are NOT opposed to annexation.  We are opposed to FORCED annexation and taking away people's rights and dreams.  Many of these folks chose to move into the country and are being involuntarily annexed into cities and have to pay the higher taxes that go along with it.  In addition, the cities often times don't even extend all city services like sewer out to the new citizens.  This is NOT right.  This is why we have the petition.  We want to ensure freedom for all Texans and to protect their land and dreams.  Please help us in this  quest.  Our target goal is at least 15,000 signatures so we need to band together and help our fellow neighbors out.  Whether you live in the city or out in the country, as long as you are a registered voter in Ellis County, please sign this petition and encourage those you know to do the same.  Together we can make a difference!

What exactly are you trying to do here?

Local residents have started the process to stop involuntary annexations by cities in Ellis County by asking registered voters ANYWHERE inside Ellis County to sign a petition.  The petition calls for a vote to be placed on the ballot in the November election that would allow Ellis County to opt in as a "Tier 2" county under a new Municipal Annexation Reform law signed by Governor Abbott in August 2017. Annexation is the process by which a city expands its boundaries into unincorporated areas. The concern of the Ellis County Annexation Reform petitioners is that this is done without landowner consent under current law.

Louis Ponder, who faced an involuntary annexation agreement in Midlothian, shares this:

"Some landowners may choose to annex for a variety of reasons (e.g. water, trash pickup, restrictions that prevent unsavory businesses). However, landowners who are forced to become city residents have no vote. They acquire the debt a city has incurred and are now responsible to pay taxes to a government they did not have any voice in electing. Becoming a city resident restricts what we can do with our land (higher taxes, parking on unimproved surfaces, burning, pet & livestock limits, hunting, building permits, sprinkler systems, and extensive costs for the landowner to hook up to the city water and septic systems).  Our focus is not to stop all annexation but simply to give landowners a choice."

Only ten counties in the state of Texas with populations over 500,000 automatically changed to the Tier 2 status on December 1, 2017.  ONCE A COUNTY HAS TIER 2 STATUS, CITIES CAN NO LONGER INVOLUNTARILY ANNEX.  The Tier 2 status gives residents in the proposed annexation area the right to vote on whether they want to be annexed into city limits! To gain Tier 2 status, 10% of Ellis County registered voters must sign the petition. Once the signatures are gathered and approved the county puts municipal annexation reform on the ballot in November 2018.