800+ new signatures over Memorial Day weekend


Louis Ponder and the team of amazing volunteers working a booth at the International Polka Festival in Ennis last weekend collected more than 600 signatures from Ellis County voters. New signatures from other petitioners added to that tally, for a weekend total of more than 800 news signatures!

This proves that we CAN meet our goal of 15,000 by July 6 if we keep adding more volunteers to share the load and we keep getting the word out.

Many Ellis County citizens were not aware of the "annexation without representation" issue before they encountered one of our petitioners or read about it in our regional news media.

But with the front page publication of our story in the Sunday, May 27 edition of the Ennis Daily News - along with recent stories in the Ellis County Press and Ellis County Citizen - a great many more people understand what's at stake and are ready to sign the petition. We just need to reach them all.

That's why we all need to keep looking for more volunteers. We can only do this if we multiply our troops!

If you, or anyone you know, can volunteer to help us reach our goal, please contact Pat at StopAnnexEllis@gmail.com. We have lots of large and small tasks we could use help with. See our Volunteerpage for more info.

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