We're done...for now! 

Thanks so much to all the volunteers, donors and book hosts who made this possible!

Rest up. Our next task will be to get out the vote for the May 2019 elections.

Stay tuned!

The more volunteers we have, the fewer signatures each of us has to collect. For example:

10 volunteers > 1100 signatures each (hard)    ~ 100 volunteers > 110 signatures each (easy)

YOU can help in many different ways. Even a little helps a lot!

1.   RECRUIT MORE VOLUNTEERS throughout Ellis County. Even two hours of time and effort can make a huge difference!

2.  Collect signatures anywhere (see main page to download petition form): at busy locations and events. 

3.   Block-walk to collect signatures and recruit more volunteers in neighborhoods not already covered. (Contact us for areas still needing block-walkers.)

4.   Clarify/verify signatures and look up voter ID numbers.

5.   Spread the word about this petition drive via social media, friends, groups, etc.

6.   Print and give out flyers. (See below.)

7.   Donate money or services for printing/supplies, t-shirts, event booth fees, canopies, billboards, ads, etc.

To volunteer, or request more information, please email us at:


The following are files and links that may be of help to petitioners and other volunteers.

Small Flyer 4-up

Updated flyer July 5, 2018

Use duplex printing mode (if you have it) or print several copies of the front, then turn it over and print the backs. Okay to use either color or black and white printing.

Cut in half longways at 5.5" and cut those halves in half at 4.25".  It's easiest with a paper cutter that allows you to cut several pages at once with precision.