Phenomenal progress over July holidays!


From July 6, 2019

GREAT NEWS:  Not only did we collect a phenomenal number of signatures in the past month, we've also moved the goalposts closer!

Because of a difference in the way voters are counted for petitioning purposes, we've just learned that we only need 11,000 signatures instead of 15,000!

More important, thanks to all you patriotic citizens who made the effort to sign, and our small-but-mighty team of volunteers, we’ve collected as many signatures (4500) in just the past 16 days as we got in the entire first 5 months of the campaign! And we've increased our signature-gathering speed to 1270% of the initial rate! 

If we keep this momentum going for just one more month,  we expect to meet and exceed our new goal of 11,000 signatures by Aug 6 to get the measure on the ballot for May 2019 with a wide margin of error.

Way to go, neighbors!

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